A Bi-cycle…

It has been a very long week and all i wanted to do is get into my bed with full on a.c ,drink chocolate shake with some spiderman movie.Waiting for my friend at our meeting point, so in no hurry.

Enjoying the evening breeze.orange sunset time setting the sky ablaze, Although it was humid but watching those birds in the sky flying to their nest was so calming to watch which reminded me that after an hour I can fall on my bed with my a.c on and see my favourite serial.

I found a stand to put my weight on it and I can lean on it, watching speedy cars and bikes on the road. Though it is fully crowded with traffic still I like watching this road coming towards me from the last edge of my sight and people struggling to come first in that non-stop race, I thought.

Why is it moving so slow and randomly, does he has no control over it I observed curiously. A man with open hairs shoulder length long hairs, dusky skin, wearing torn pyjama & old t-shirt struggling his bicycle to keep moving on this unstoppable traffic, but why he cannot? Omg ..he is kicking half paddle to run his cycle and struggling to kick the other half before his bicycle stops. He has passed hundred-metre distance in the next five minutes, which a man walking can cover in two minutes. He has to give all his energy to control and move his bicycle with one leg before it gets to stop.

A couple of minutes before I was relaxing by watching this road and at the same time, he was struggling hard to go on the same, keeping his bicycle move fast as possible and protecting himself against the fast-moving vehicles.

where are you lost? You want to stay here till night ..hahaha…come inside.Oh…he is here. I sigh deeply,sit in the car, breathed and relaxed in the maintained nineteen-degree temperature with mild music.The engine starts, but my eyes and mind were running in search of that bicycle which I was sure, I won’t find him after next one or two minutes.

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