Gate 21

He tapped on my shoulder.i turned back and surprised seeing him after 6 years. Where are you going?, he asked.

Banglore..,i just finished my 6 days business trip and returning home, I said. so what about you? hows your life going on.

Yeah..It’s good. A nice family I have and now I am a father of a 5-year-old daughter, he replied.

We had a coffee together, some chit chat and then we waved good-bye to each other saying “see you again” though we both knew we are not going to meet again.

And right now, I am sitting at the boarding gate of Mumbai airport and this time my hand watch is tickling 3 a.m. Like me, all passengers has become impatient as our flight has been delayed . That oriental man is also feeling sleepy, and next to him the young boy wearing headphones looks like he is in full mood to dance. So energetic youngsters are …true na .

While observing things around me I find that 21 number of my boarding gate was shining to my eyes. Actually, this 21 number has always been mysterious and interesting for me.

I remember, it was my luckiest roll number at fifth standard and my parents unfullfilled my demands , with the degrade of my rank in sixth standard result because of one of factor ,that I was not having my luckiest number as my roll number.So in seventh standard i really prayed to god to give this 21 as my roll number and with god grace and some mathamatical algorithem, i crowned as a topper again …funny na.

I remember when I was 21, I found my first crush which turned out to be my long-lasting love. And today I saw him after 6 years and again I am departing from him from gate 21!!! He is married and he has a kid, but somewhere the sparkle of our bond was still there.

I wish that 21 number will bring new wings to me near future.

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