One Hour Before The Sunrise…

My watch is striking 5 a.m its still an hour left for the sunrise. Sitting at the top of the cliff , I remember the last time i was here with a beautiful girl , it was freezing.

How long we have to walk more? I said , trying to catch my breath.why you wanted us to bring here ? we have spent the whole nightout and at the end you want us to get tired?

she laughed ,fifteen more minutes please. and we will be reach there on the top of the rock, and believe me it will be worth it.

We sitted on top of a large rock,the sky was still black.well… i think, now you can see the nature’s magic.She leaned on me ,waiting to see the sunrise. I was tired but , it was really worth coming here.

We were facing a lake view, surrounded by mountains.i found the similarity between her and this lake,she is deep and calm like her. I wanted to push down the sun below its horizon for atleast minimum six hours to hold her as close to me. I did not want her to lift head from my shoulder and leaving my hand . Those chirping birds were just giving their permission to make that moment unforgettable for both of us.

She threw her bagpack to me ,she came down from the back side door of 1st floor of her girls hostel. She was near about to fall, i caught her to balance her unbalanced weight, but we both fall down. Hahahah….we both laughed. We got small injuries but its pain was sweet. We were out for the whole night,we did party the whole night and specially ,we climbed this hill for one hour to reach here.

I didn’t want to break her nap but i also did not want to miss this beautiful chance to feel her. I wished the clouds to come and to hide the sun for the long they could.She was feeling little sleepy. Silently, I took out my phone and played her favourite song ,keeping the volume down.

She entwined my fingers with hers. I kissed her forehead. She looked at me with those ocean deep she wanted me to read her eyes,her mind.A tramble ran through me. My heart started beating fast. This was the moment i have dreamt of.I looked at her, The long bangs hanging down her slender face lent it a pleasing softness. I have not seen her more beautiful than this ever.I leaned towards her.That was my turn to show her and tell her how much i love her ,protect her and think her, and all of this without using any word.

We hardly remember when the sun came up and some dogs barking sound woke us up from dalliance. She smiled ,there was a solace in her eyes,she pecked on my cheeks once again and lifted me to stand up and return back. We started our bike and went back to the city.

Ohh please !!! Not again… i missed the sunrise again, Its 7 a.m.This place makes me lost into her memory everytime, whenever i come here to see her favourite sunrise. I stood up, started my bike and left for the city.

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