One Night Shower

It was 2 o’clock and she couldn’t sleep. She kept tossing and turning for the ninth time in this night. Finally , she switched on the beside lamp., Stumbled out of her bed, Groaning and holding her head , she opened her almirah , picked her night gawn to take a shower.

Five minute passed and she stood still staring at the wall. Groogy from yet another night of constant awakening, made her eyes puffy. Slowely her all laziness and fatigue steamed out of her with the falling waterdroplets. She felt relaxed a little bit. Her long hairs upto her waist dropping water at floor.

She looked to her hands, they were found more softer and glowing than they usually looks. After all, she was in her 40’s. Those big and small water droplets resting on her fingers and shoulders brought her skin supple. She looked herself in a mirror, left to her . Her open and wet hairs , her skin and bones were looking like a silky smooth.

She was gazing to herself like she has never seen her since the last time, she delieverd a baby boy. Rounding her fingers all over her body, she touched her face, seeing her puffy eyes and her under eye dark circles, its long time for her to see her ageing signs.

Still, they look beautiful on her, as they reflect how ripped she is. Her arms are toned enough to wear sleeveless and deep neck blouse . Inspite of some horizontal lines , still her long neck stands with pride without fatty underchin. Touching her outer lines of lips with her fingers, she smiled.

Her body looks like a 30-year old girl, with a little fat spread at appropriate places. The leftover marks of sisserion, in her stomach, gifted her the most precious part of her life…her baby. But no one can assume her to be a mom of a 8 year old boy if she manages to cover her scars in her swimsuit outfit.

She was off her clothes and there was not a single coat of makeup or moisturiser leftover on her skin except her nail paint …of bright hot red colour. The falling water sound on her ears felt whispering to her , how beautiful she is. Moving back and forth she found water droplets kissing all over her skin one by one.

She wiped the remains of water droplets from her face. Collecting all her wet hairs to her hands …she looked to the mirror at her left side again.She smiled ,turned off the shower. Put on her clothes.

Back to her room which was massed up with papers on floor. She picked a fresh sheet , took her sketch pencil and last but not the least one red hot paint colour.

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