One unsaid conversation

We met each other few days before the wedding of one of our common friend.she was looking very busy in making arrangements and finalising things. It was her cousin sister’s marriage and my friend’s marriage and also mine first Europe trip .

I was so excited because it was not only my fifteen days Europe trip but also the best chance for me to know the european culture and people so closely.

She was tall, confident and beautiful.she welcomed all guests, served drinks joined us for half an hour and left for the venue. In the starting 2-3 days, we only saw each other without saying any words but we valued each other and that we both had been 4 days so I decided to start the conversation.

She was shifting the cupboard so I found it a good opportunity to initiate talks.

May I help you if you need? I asked.

She smiled and looked at me.

she seemed unable to express.she said something in the Italian language.

Ohh I see …so it is the language barrier, I thought.

I started explaining her in sign language and surprisingly she understood everything so easily. that was the start of our unsaid conversation and we started talking like this.and within two days it was like we can read each other’s mind.

She says something in Italian with the help of gestures and pointing out the things or symbols explaining meaning and I understood it and reply with gestures also thanks to the google translate for translating our languages and speaking it out .but we took rare help of google translate as we wanted to understand each other and we were happy that we can read each other’s mind.

I remember once she told her parents in her native language that we both are going to market and we while returning she will bring water bottles.No there are three canes I have seen near barbeque, I replied.

Her parents laughed and said to her that when they say something in Italian this girl doesn’t understand how she understood you.But there were also times when we keep trying and trying to explain and understand what we mean to say and lastly when we don’t understand each other we both laugh. Just leaving the topic.hahahah… so nice na.

I taught her some important English words like water, come, go. She showed me Italian songs and I showed her Indian Bollywood songs. She liked that too much .one of the Bollywood king song “gerua” is her favourite.and she sings that.

We are still in touch with each other with an unknown bond. that was the power of our unsaid conversation, which gave us so much more.

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