Tea @ 4 o’clock

Where the hell is that drawing print ..? For the god sake… I am fed up with this all mess… a bunch of papers …!!!! Give me a break…Kalindi sighs.she dropped her pen and decides to have a tea break.

She rush to the pentry area which has become gossip point of tea drinkers .She opens the door and he just dash into her.her tea splattered all over his shirt.

I am sorry.. That voice wakes her up and he rushed to the washroom to clean the stains. Mmm so sooryy!!! She stuttered.

Her foot freezed denying to leave that place.her dupatta was fluttering in the draught from creaky air conditions,ddlj guitar was stringing in her ears and her flicks needed to well placed by fingers.

she waited for him to bag his pardon .but she did not find him.She knew him for few months but they never interacted.His name is Pransh.

She was filled with guilt.Where is his extension number.She frantically search in employers contact number list.

K ..M…O..P….ok here !! 725..she picked the phone dial number 7,2,5 and before the ring goes she cuts. No, I should not call him.I should go to him &say sorry,she was peering him over the top of some freakishly coleauges head.

Not again ..she sighs, he seems busy discussing with project manager!!

ok fine, I will catch him then at 5:30 he will leave the office,she thought.

She shuts down her computer quickly…picked her bag and make a hasty exit.Oh no … Why his friends. Cant he be alone for 5 mins .kalindi muttured.

I will massage him and say sorry but how can I get his personal number. She whip out her phone,i will ask to Disha but what if ..what if she unnecessary will exaggerate things and I can’t tell her what happened today.

Ok, tomorrow morning I will go straight to his seat and say sorry, she decided and slept early hoping to bring tomorrow soon.

It’s 10 o’clock morning,why he is not there? Maybe he is late. she looked surreptitiously to his seat again and again. It’s 11 o’clock. He is not coming today she realised.she is dispairing ,missing chance to talk to him, it was so long day to spend.

Next morning, Kalindi picked up her favourite dress,black colour, accessorising her paying more attention to her hairs.I hope I am looking ok .she looked in the mirror and left for office.Busy with work???

kalindi turned around and looked to that face.He was standing behind her.it just relieved all her stresses.she musters her smile, yeah! its near about to finish she replied.That’s nice, then enjoy your tea, he smiled and turned to his group laughing and chattering.

I am sorry … She screeched ,but to no avail. Trying to hide her smile, which was because of that guy who was running in her mind .she turned to her work listening to their laughs and jokes.that group is the so much noise maker in pantry area and you will never find a place for yourself to adjust there at 4 o’clock when these people are there.On the

Next day ..she was waiting for him and like usual that group moved toward pantry for tea @4 o’clock… but after two-three minutes she couldn’t resist herself to go.”that voice… I think I know”, she thought and turned to see.

Oh my god, he is behind me and talking with Emraan. she muttered.She listened to them carefully without showing her attention towards him and that made her smile.

his voice is so charming and melodious that I can imagine he can never be harsh to anybody and with that innocent smile and laugh… This thought brought her chubby chicks to blush.

Next day @4 o clock he came to that guy sitting next to her ..madam havnt u have today’s tea, he asked to me. Umm… Thanks for reminding me, let us go if u haven’t had yet.

without missing this opportunity she quickly replied.You know, I am very sorry for that day. Kalindi said with extreme shyness.Which day? I don’t remember!!!

Kalindi’s face got paled listening to this reply.He laughed “of course I do and I think that was the special day”.We both laughed and he called his friends to kill the awkwardness between us.Still, its 5 min more I have to wait, that made me sad but with smile and shyness.

kalindi was lost in her thoughts as @4 o’clock tea has now become the symbol of their love.

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